Peoples Ballot: YSRCP's poses to TDP government

3 Jun, 2015 12:38 IST|Sakshi
Peoples Ballot: YSRCP's poses to TDP government

The following are the questions raised by the YSRCP. at the Samara Deeksha and the people were asked to mark their approval or disapproval of the Government policies based on their questions.

The questions raised by the YSRCP are:

  • Is Chandrababu able to provide 9 hour power supply to the farm sector during the morning?
  • Has he constituted the farm sector price stabilisation fund?
  • Has he given the MSP to the farm produce?
  • Has he been able to set up agro-based industries in every district?
  • Have the DWCRA loans been waived?
  • Has he been able to give interest free loans to DWCRA groups?
  • Has he been able to set up all women buses to provide security to women?
  • Has the TDP government been able to set up women's police station?
  • Has he given Rs 2000 for the unemployed youth as promised during the elctions?
  • Has he given loans to a tune of Rs 1.25 lakh to the unemployed?
  • Have anganwadi and contract labour been regularised?
  • Have the belt shops been cancelled?
  • Has the government started the construction of even a single new house?
  • He promised waiver of service tax on artisans. Did he?
  • Was there a loan waiver for the weavers? 
  • Did he provide free power to the weavers?
  • Did the promised rescheduling of various castes to give them better reservations to them happen?
  • Has the interest free Islamic Banking started functioning?
  • He promised not to hike power tariff. Did he keep his word?
  • He promised Rs 10000 for nutritious food for pregnant women. Did he do it?
  • He promised toilets to every house. Did he do that?
  • Has the six laning of the national highway taken up?
  • Has he managed to get the special status to the state of AP?
  • He promised to convert RTC employees into government employees. Did he manage to do that?
  • He had promised free education from KG to PG to tribal students. Did he do that?
  • Chandrababu promised interest free loans for purchasing autorickshas. Did Chandrababu do it?
  • he promised an egg to the students as part of the midday meals. Is he doing it?
  • He had assured that he would get huge funds for the state capital. Did he do that?
  • He promised help to women within five minutes of their calling up the authorities?
  • Do you believe that Chandrababu will be able to implement all his poll time assurances?
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