Peepli Live Actor Battles From Cancer, Film Fraternity Pools In To Help 

19 Jul, 2017 15:22 IST|Sakshi
Sitaram Panchal shot to fame with Peepli Live

Mumbai: Bollywood actor, Sitaram Panchal, who shot to fame with Peepli Live, is suffering from cancer and is in dire financial straits. His wife Uma says that they used to make ends meet when he worked but now he doesn’t even has stamina to stand up.

Sitaram pleaded for help on Facebook saying "Bhaio meri help karo meri cancer se halat kharab hoti ja rahi hai apka kalakar bhai sitaram panchal (Please help me as I’m diagnosed with cancer, actor Sitaram Panchal)."

Soon after it was posted, many film personalities came forward to help the actor. One of the procuders announced that he would bear all the medical expenses. Cine and TV Artistes Association (CINTAA) posed a message on actor's condition.

"In a developed world, where population is miniscule, a proper healthcare plan and insurance policies are devised to take care of individual well-being. Since we are not well-equipped in this regard, we should contribute to society in our own way. Thanks to social media, we can now reach out to those in need and vice versa," said producer Manish Mundra.

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