Peek into Chandrayan audio launch function

28 Apr, 2013 21:55 IST|Sakshi
Peek into Chandrayan audio launch function

Venue: Vizag

It is known that TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu concluded his Vastunna Meekosam padayatra with a massive public meeting in Visakhapatnam yesterday.
Thousands of TDP leaders and lakhs of pubilc attended the meeting. But what got people thinking was the way it was organised. The function resembled an audio release function of a movie.

Plus points: TDP leaders successfully managed to impress Naidu by mobilsing huge number of people. However, the people gathered were not very happy listening to long speeches. Although the  function was a grand success, Naidu didn't seem very content as some of the main guests who were supposed to attend the event gave it a miss.

Minus points: Several TDP leaders including Kadiyam Sri Hari and Dadi Veera Bhadra Rao did not attend the meet. And of course, who can forget the rival family members—
Hari Krishna and Jr NTR who were conspicuous by their absence. Balayya's speech lacked punch while others too didn't do a great job of it.

We had reported that the huge posters put up on Vizag roads did not feature either Hari Krishna or Jr NTR. Speculation is rife that Hari Krishna was miffed by the move. Jr NTR on the other hand decided to skip the meeting as he never received an invite from the TDP chief. Even as Naidu was trying to floor the audience with his words, people could be seen leaving the venue in the middle of the speech.

Verdict: This function divided the TDP into two groups. Balayya, Naidu on one side and Harikrishna, Jr NTR on the other. The meeting sent clear signals that there were differences not only between family members, but also members within the party. The meeting was planned two weeks ago and the lame excuses being given the absentees are nothing but sham. And the event was a mere show of strength to prove their detractors wrong




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