Chiranjeevi, Pawan pulled into a verbal spat

2 Apr, 2014 12:50 IST|Sakshi
Chiranjeevi, Pawan pulled into a verbal spat

The inevitable has finally happened. In spite of both Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan trying to maintain their distance and not rub each other the wrong way, the duo is slowly being pulled into a very public verbal spat.  

Some days back, Chiranjeevi, speaking about Pawan's book, 'Ism' said that the book lacks, 'Humanism' and clear content. (Pawan Kalyan loses RGV's support?)

In a sharp response to Chiranjeevi's comment, Pawan in an interview to a news channel said that to understand the book, one needs to have the correct mind set and sense.  

"It was his personal opinion. Everyone may not actually understand it. Even there are people who abuse Ramayana. What can we say about them?," said Pawan.

Pawan follows Chiranjeevi to Karnataka

The stage has been set for an interesting battle in the upcoming elections. After Chiranjeevi campaigned for Congress in the last By-poll elections in Chikballapur, Karnataka to appeal to the sizable Telugu population there, Jana Sena founder and BJP supporter, Pawan Kalyan will campaign for BJP candidates in Karnataka. 

According to reports, sources said that the BJP High Command succeeded in persuading Pawan to campaign for their candidates in the border ares of Karnataka, considering the popularity that the star enjoys in these areas, among the Telugu population in the constituency. (Why is Chiru running away to Karnataka?)

Pawan has already extended his unconditional support to BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Sources also said that his first campaigning will start from Chikballapur, followed by Bellary and other places.  

Pawan's decision to campaign for BJP in border areas of Karnataka will bring him face to face with his 


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