Partial Relief For Charmme In Drug Scandal, Only Women To Interrogate Her

25 Jul, 2017 15:58 IST|Sakshi
Charmme and her lawyer Vishnuvardhan Reddy 

In a small relief for film actress Charmme Kaur, who is embroiled in the drug scandal, the High Court said that only women officials should interrogate her and that the interrogation should take place only from 10 am to 5 pm. However, it rejected Charmme's request for the presence of her lawyer during the questioning.

In its ruling the High Court said that no samples of the blood, nail or hair could be taken from Charmme without her consent. It also said that Charmme can have the SIT interrogation at a place of her choice. Charmme's counsel Vishnuvardhan Reddy said that Charmme will take a decision on where to attend the questioning. He also made it clear that Charmme is not an accused and even the notices served on her said that she was being called as a witness.

Charmme Kaur on Monday challenged the investigation in the Hyderabad High Court. The actress who was originally scheduled to appear for the investigation on July 21 after director Puri Jagannadh's questioning, has been summoned to attend on July 26 (Wednesday). In her petition challenging the SIT investigation, Charmme said extraction of blood, hair and nails samples from the suspects is a violation of Article 20(3) of the Constitution. Charmme also sought the High Court permission to take an advocate along for the interrogation. Advocate Vishnuvardhan Reddy filed the petition on her behalf and the case is likely to be taken up for primary examination this afternoon.

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