Over 1,700 MPs And MLAs Face Trial in Criminal Cases

11 Mar, 2018 18:57 IST|Sakshi
Over 1,700 MPs and MLAs face trial in criminal cases

New Delhi: The central government has submitted to the Supreme Court the list of all the elected representatives in the country who are facing trial in different cases. The list has mentioned more than 1,700 MLAs and MPs who are accused under 3,045 cases.

In the list, the highest number of people are from Uttar Pradesh, followed by Tamil Nadu, Bihar and West Bengal. According to the report submitted by the central governement, elected representatives from Uttar Pradesh were 248, whereas Tamil Nadu, Bihar and West Bengal had 178, 144, and 139 members respectively. It is learnt that the number of accused elected represenatives from AP, Telangana and Kerala are over 100.

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