Nilam creates havoc: About 37,000 people rehabilitated

5 Nov, 2012 11:37 IST|Sakshi
Nilam creates havoc: About 37,000 people rehabilitated

Nilam continues to create havoc across the state. Looks like the state has been worst hit with most parts of Andhra Pradesh receiving maximum rainfall.

Besides filling up the waters in reservoirs, the rains have also destroyed crops in many regions of the state. This is not it, the cyclone has also claimed 13 lives in East Godavari district.
The farmers are most affected with both their homes and crops gone!

The numbers with respect to the damage done are alarming...

  • So far, 3 lakh acres of paddy crops are completely submerged in water
  • About 38,000 acres of other crops have been destroyed
  • Over 70 dams have been broken
  • 250 houses were completely washed away
  • The disaster management team has set up 68 rehabilitation centres across districts in the state
  • So far, about 37,000 people have been evacuated and moved to safer zones






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