Indian Astrologer's Prediction For US Presidential Election

6 Nov, 2020 14:56 IST|Sakshi Post
US Elections 2020

MUMBAI: Even with Democrat candidate  Joe Biden steadily closing in on victory with 264 Electoral votes and US President Donald Trump with 214, across the United States early on Friday, an Indian Astrologer has predicted otherwise stating that Donald Trump would win the elections for the second time.
Many astrologers have been taking to the social media platforms to predict whether President Donald Trump would continue his stay in the White House or whether the nation would have have Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States of America.
Meanwhile the Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra took to his Twitter and shared an astrologer's prediction that Donald Trump would retain office as the American president for the second time. 
He also covered the name for the sake of privacy but jokingly mentioned that he would become extremely popular if his prediction came true.
Taking to Twitter, Anand Mahindra wrote, "This astrologer’s forecast was doing the messaging circuit last week. (Have concealed the name & address for the sake of privacy) If President Trump retains office, this astrologer will be rather popular, to put it mildly."

Check out the Tweet and the Astro Chart here:

After he posted the tweet, several people responded to his tweet sharing various other astro charts by different Indian astrologers stating that his predictions were true. " It is not only him, many has predicted the same result with same calculations as astrology has definite calculations based prediction system but as you know not many understand mathematics so it goes with astrology too,'' tweeted on user.

Even as the nation held its breath and awaits the results of the 2020 presidential election, President Donald Trump stepped to the podium in the White House on Thursday and made a full-frontal attempt to undermine the integrity of the vote, which was leaning in the direction of Democrat Joe Biden. Trump baselessly claimed he defeated Biden and alleged “major fraud on our nation” as state election officials continued counting ballots amid a huge increase in voter turnout.

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