Indonesian Woman's Bizarre Claim: 'Gust Of Wind' Made Me Pregnant

18 Feb, 2021 11:11 IST|Sakshi Post

An Indonesian woman has taken everyone by surprise after she reportedly made a bizarre claim that she was made pregnant by a 'gust of wind' and not by sexual intercourse. The investigation is on, but the mother’s claim has sparked reactions from around the world. The police are now looking into the claims made by the 25-year-old woman, who gave birth to a baby girl, in Indonesia's town of Cianjur, West Java.

The woman has been identified as Zainah and said that it all happened in an hour. According to reports, Zainah found that she was pregnant on Wednesday afternoon while she was sitting in the living room of her home.

"After afternoon prayers, I was lying face down on the floor when I suddenly felt wind enter my body through my vagina," she was quoted as saying by the reports. Zainah said she felt a pain in her stomach 15 minutes after the wind blew through the room. A while later she found that a bump in her abdomen grew bigger. A little while later, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl at a nearby community clinic.

Zainah's story of mysterious pregnancy and childbirth spread through the area and came to the notice of the authorities. Zainah has one child with her ex-husband. The couple has reportedly separated four months ago.

The doctors said the baby and the mother are healthy. While the mystery surrounding the pregnancy has surprised everyone, experts say this could be a case of cryptic pregnancy, where the mother isn't aware of her pregnancy until she enters labor. The police are looking at all angles of the case and have also got Zainah's ex-husband in the loop of the probe.

"We want to clear up the confusing news about the woman's birth which many perceive to be unnatural," the sub-precinct chief Sumardi was quoted as saying. While the case has surprised everyone, such cases have been reported in Indonesia in past too.

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