Unity Is Strength: Look How a Herd of Buffalo Smashed Leopard

11 Jun, 2021 15:25 IST|Sakshi Post

A leopard tried to attack a calf which was among the grazing cattle. But the herd in return hit the leopard with their horns leaving the leopard with a broken waist and legs. This incident took place on Thursday at Koilkanda of Mahabubabad district.

Locals, on seeing the leopard, immediately informed forest officials who rushed to the spot. Forest officers visited the hospital to check plight of the wild animal.

Mahabubnagar Forest Department Officer Gangareddy said, "The leopard's movement is restricted due to the injuries on the rear legs. They don’t appear to be serious and a rescue team from Nehru Zoological Park had visited the spot."

The leopard was later shifted to Nehru Zoological Park for treatment.

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