Sambar Deer Hind Legs Chopped Off

2 Dec, 2020 13:28 IST|Sakshi Post
Injured Sambar Deer

MAHABUBABAD: In a horrific incident, which shows the growing apathy towards wild animals in the state of Telangana, a few miscreants chopped the hind legs of a Sambar deer that had strayed into the village to drink water in a lake in Mahabubabad district.

The incident occurred near Renya Thanda in Kothaguda mandal in the district on Tuesday.

As per reports, the huge deer had strayed from the nearby forest to drink water in a lake between Renya Thanda and Chinna Thanda. Some youngsters who saw the animal started shouting, which frightened the animal and it jumped into the lake, swam across to the other side, and ran into the muddy fields there.

The who chased the poor animal with axes, chopped the hind legs as the Sambar deer was stuck in the muddy fields and couldn't escape. They fled from there when the locals rushed to the place after hearing the animal roaring in pain. They immediately called the Forest Department officials who took the injured animal to the Vana Vignana Kendra at Hanamakonda, near Warangal for treatment.

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