Vigilance Officials Raid Vizag Hospitals Indulging In Unethical Medical Practices

21 Apr, 2021 15:57 IST|Sakshi Post

Some private hospital employees taking advantage of the pandemic situation 

Miscreants making money by indulging in unlawful activities

Visakhapatnam: Though Covid-19 cases are on the rise in the district, some private hospital employees are allegedly attempting to take advantage of the situation by engaging in unethical medical practices.

Some private hospital employees were allegedly selling injections used to treat Covid-19 for double the original price to desperate patients. As more reports of such discrepancies flooded the department, the city's Vigilance and Enforcement teams conducted inspections at various pharmacies and hospitals across the city.

The Vigilance Unit, headed by Additional SP G Swaruparani, conducted an inspection of the Central Pharmacy Store opposite King George Hospital on Tuesday after conducting raids at a private hospital.

Previously, during the inspection, it was discovered that nurses at a private hospital, were allegedly selling medicines and vaccines used to treat Covid-19 at exorbitant prices in a covert manner.

The Vigilance Bureau recently received several reports on coronavirus vaccines being marketed at twice the normal price.

The authorities in charge are looking into the MRP of the drugs, the arrival of stocks, and the point of sale at different counters in the area, among other things.

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