YSR Health Clinics in Every Rural Region of AP by December

23 Aug, 2021 12:38 IST|Sakshi Post

The Andhra Pradesh government is making basic medical care and medical examinations available to the rural people in their home town. 
YSRCP is arranging to have a Village Clinic available for every 2,500 population. So people don't have to go to the PHC which is 10 km away even minor ailments. For this, students who have cleared BSc Nursing will be recruited. Some 7,112 qualified mid-level healthcare providers are expected  to be hired by December. Mid-level healthcare providers are already available at 2,920 clinics. 

The clinic offers 12 types of medical services and 14 types of medical tests. 67 types of basic medical equipment are available along with 65 types of medicines. 

ANMs are already accessible 24 hours a day at 10,032 Village clinics. Asha workers will be available at the clinic along with a health assistant. Village clinics are being linked to PHCs and labs via video conference. Thus telemedicine, medical facility will also be provided. 

In addition to making two PHCs available to the zone, there will be two doctors in each PHC. All relevant personal details will also be made available to the Village Clinics through Health Cards. Public health information is clear through the Health Sree Card QCode. The details in the Health Sree card are very useful for the treatment when the doctor goes to that village as part of the Family Doctor‌ policy. This will help in providing a quick and conclusive cure.

There are 12 types of basic medical facilities
- Medical services required for the care of pregnant women and children
- Newborn health care services
- Childhood and adolescent phase health care services
- Family planning, contraceptive services, and other reproductive health care services
- Management of Infectious Diseases and National Health Programs
- General outpatient care for serious general ailments and minor ailments
- Screening, prevention, control and management of infectious diseases
- Precautions for general ophthalmic (eye problems), ENT problems
- Basic oral health care
- Treatment and palliative health care services for the elderly
- Emergency medical services for burns and trauma
- Screening of mental health diseases, basic management

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