Will Kesineni Nani Say Goodbye to TDP?

25 Sep, 2021 13:31 IST|Sakshi Post
Kesineni Nani

Vijayawada: TDP MP Kesineni Nani has made it clear to party president Chandrababu that he will not contest the upcoming elections on the party ticket. It is learned that he made this decision after repeatedly facing insults at every step in the party. 

It is learned that when he met Chandrababu four days ago, he told him to look for another candidate to replace him as the Vijayawada MP candidate. He made it clear that his daughter would not even compete. He said his daughter had already gone to the Tata Trust.

Nani stated that he will continue in the party even if he does not contest the elections. It is learned that he explained to Chandrababu that he would be active in politics. But, this was not confirmed by Kesineni Nani. The TDP leader is said to have told Chandrababu that his followers would not compete too.

For a while now, Nani has stayed away from party activities which has sparked talks of conflict with the party leadership. When Chandrababu visited Vijayawada, he is said to have snubbed Kesineni. His followers say Nani feels that Chandrababu insulted him during Vijayawada Corporation elections. 

He also expressed his disappointment over the silence of Chandrababu when he was severely criticised by MLC Buddha Venkanna, former MLC Bonda Uma and another leader Nagul Meera in the last corporation elections. Nani believes that Chandrababu humialated him by blindly believing those who could not even win in elections. He feels that he is being influenced by petty party workers and ignoring him in the party. 

It is against this backdrop that Keshineni has decided to say goodbye to the Telugu Desam Party. However, party sources say that Nani has decided to stay in the TDP without resigning as an MP. It is learned that he is planning to take a decision on his political future by next elections.

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