Vijayawada Businessman Rahul's Murder Case: Police Find More Clues

21 Aug, 2021 15:37 IST|Sakshi Post

Police have intensified their probe into the murder of Rahul, a young industrialist who was found dead inside a black endeavor in Vijayawada. 
The AP Police confirmed that he was killed with a proper plan. The post-mortem report revealed that he was strangulated to death. Vijaykumar was identified as the main accused in the case based on the evidence obtained.

Police suspect that business dealings were the reason behind Rahul's murder. Apparently, there were differences between Rahul and his business partner Vijay for quite sometime. Vijay pressured Rahul to pay his share of Rs 15 crore. It is learnt that the accused, Vijay, had contested from Vijayawada West constituency in the last elections. He said that he had suffered a huge loss due to the defeat in the elections. 

It is learnt that Rahul was killed with a proper plan as he had been laid back. The Police suspect that Vijay, along with 8 others, were involved in the case. They took measures to nab the accused. 

Now, the name if Shyam, the main accused in the murder case of industrialist Ramprasad has come up in the Rahul murder case. Shyam is being seen as a suspect by the police. Shyam is a confidante of industrialist Koganti Satyam. The police has also raised suspicions over the involvement of Koganti in the Rahul murder case. Rahul's family members are said to have dropped Koganti Satyam's name during the police investigation. The Task Force police has  already grilled Satyam in this regard.

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