Pained to Hear About Vijayawada Girl's Suicide: RK Roja

30 Jan, 2022 15:03 IST|Sakshi Post

YSR Congress Party MLA RK Roja reacted to Vijayawada girl's suicide after being harassed by a TDP leader. Roja said that she was pained to hear about the suicide. Roja wondered how TDP could initiate Nari Sankalpa Deeksha while harassing women this way.

She expressed anger at the fact that TDP leaders were doing wrong things and trying to put the blame on others. She said the girl's pain of being harassed by a 60-year-old man, who was her father's age, eas evident from the writing in her book. Roja said that the girl had written in her suicide note that the accused should be severely punished.

Pattikonda MLA Kangati Sridevi said that the incident of girl's suicide in Vijayawada Bhavanipuram was tragic. The girl wrote a suicide note blaming the TDP leader for the harassment. She urged the police to punish the accused at any cost. MLA Sridevi said the government would stand by the girl's family.

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