Food Safety Officials in Vijayawada Raid Restaurants, Seize Adulterated Ghee And Oil

7 Apr, 2021 12:52 IST|Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: Food Safety officials in Vijayawada conducted a surprise raid at restaurants, manufacturing units, and hotels in the city.

Food Safety Revenue Vigilance authorities conducted extensive inspections in four areas of the city in Vijayawada. The food safety officials collected several samples from the raided areas.

Ghee, oil, and spice manufacturing plants in Vijayawada came under the scrutiny of food safety officials.

Food Safety Revenue Vigilance authorities also raided Anjaneya restaurant, where the officers deemed the kitchen to be in a hazardous state, as the restaurant was serving unsafe chicken to customers on order. They pulled up the restaurant for its negligence over the preparation of food.

An extensive search was conducted by the Food Safety Revenue Vigilance officers at Nandini Food Products, Venkateswara Oil Traders, Bharti Gee Traders, and Lakshmi Sai Oil Traders.

Samples of the adulterated products from the hotels, restaurants, and manufacturing units were collected for evidence and further investigation.

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