Chicken Prices in Vijayawada at All Time High

21 Jul, 2021 15:43 IST|Sakshi Post

Hey Chicken lovers, here is a bit of sad news for you all. The cost of chicken has skyrocketed again. Chicken, whose price has remained Rs 200 for years, has now touched Rs 300 a kilo. As this is the season of  Ashadam with no Pooja's whatsoever, people gorge on non-veg food. The demand for chicken in the Telugu states has gone up. We also gear that due to a lack of supply, chicken sellers have jacked up the prices dramatically.

At present, the Amravati Poultry Farmers' and Traders' Welfare Association has fixed the price of skinless chicken at Rs. 296 per kg in the Vijayawada market. However, some vendors in Vijayawada and others are already selling it at Rs 300 per kg.

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The price of a kilo of chicken on the 18th of last month was Rs 218. It climbed to Rs 230 by July 1. It has continuously risen since then, reaching Rs 296 on Monday. This indicates that in the last month, the price of skinless chicken has increased by Rs 78 per kilogram. According to traders, the current situation is expected to reach Rs 300 per kilogram. On May 15, the price of chicken surpassed Rs 312 per kilogram.

However, traders say the price of chicken will come down in another two weeks. That means the price of chicken is likely to fall below Rs 250 in the next two weeks.

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