Will Sympathy Votes Save Jessie From Elimination?

11 Sep, 2021 18:18 IST|Vyshnavi

Most of the Telugu audience who watch Bigg Boss Telugu 5 do not know who Jaswanth Padala is. He has received many awards in modelling and also acted in 'Entha Manchivadavura.' Jessie made his entry as a contestant of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu. However, he got nominated by most of the contestants in the house stating his innocence as a reason.

Jessie is also known to lose his temper at the drop of a hat and got angry with his housemates besides breaking down in the house, which earned him the cry baby tag from the viewers.  

Meanwhile, Jaswanth's mother Sunitha, in a recent interview said that 'Jessie is a hyperactive person at all times. But, after getting nominated in the very first week, he looks mentally disturbed and is becoming aggressive over small issues.' 

She also goes on to add that Jaswanth has lost his confidence as his fan following on social media when compared to other contestants. Sunitha also said that Jaswanth needs a new lease of life from Bigg Boss show. She indirectly asked the Bigg Boss audience to support Jaswanth. Will audience vote for Jessie and save him is to be watched this weekend. Will Jessie get some sympathy votes because of his mother's emotional appeal?

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