Will Colors Kannada And Sudeep Eliminate This Contestant In Prashanth’s Place?

1 May, 2021 12:44 IST|Sakshi Post

There’s no denying the fact that Bigg Boss Kannada is one of the most controversial reality shows on Indian television. The weekend episodes of Bigg Boss give stiff competition to other entertainment channels as BBK host Sudeep has a huge fan following across the globe especially in Karnataka. 

They wait to see him on Colors Kannada every weekend.  For the unversed, joined Sudeep, who called in sick last two weeks, will not be hosting this weekend's episode as well because of the lockdown. The makers perhaps could not get have the required permission to shoot the weekend episodes. 

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On the other hand, Colors Kannada is perhaps planning this week's eviction to keep the viewers hooked to the show. People are betting big time on who is going to get evicted this week. Prashanth and Priyanka Thimmesh are in the danger zone as per unofficial polls. A section of the audience are waiting for Prashanth’s eviction as he is getting saved for the past few weeks. He was supposed to get evicted during seventh-week elimination but makers did fake elimination. 

Last week, Prashanth is said to have bagged the least votes but makers showed Rajeev Hanu the exit. It is worth mentioning here that Rajeev was the most deserving contestants on Bigg Boss Kannada 8. Looks like Colors Kannada is saving Prashanth and he seems to be their favorite contestant.

Latest buzz on social media doing the rounds is whether Colors Kannada and Sudeep will eliminate Priyanka Thimmesh in Prashanth’s place as she's a wild card contestant. This is because the show runners have been saving Prashanth for a reason.

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They know he can get TRPs for the show. We are just a day away from knowing the answer. Can’t wait to watch the Sunday episode? Stay tuned to Sakshipost for updates.  

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