Will Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestants Sacrifice Trophy For Family?

25 Oct, 2021 13:22 IST|L Manisha

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 has completed seven weeks and the show has been thoroughly entertaining with some surprise and twists thrown in by the makers. For the first time, Star Maa has released a promo earlier than its usual time. 

It's Monday and as you may have guessed by now, the promo is all about nominations. Going by the promo, Bigg Boss informs the contestants that they will receive letters from their families. However,  there's a catch. As per Bigg Boss rules, a contestant who hands over the letter to his/her housemate will enter this week's nominations for elimination round. The task is surely a huge twist and is likely to change the scenario and mood in the house.

According to the promo, Shannu, Maanas, Vishwa, and Kajol decide not to give the letters. The nominated contestants are said to be Ravi, Lobo, Shannu, Siri, Sreerama Chandra, and Maanas. Tonight, we will get to know what exactly happened during the nomination process. After the promo release, viewers want to see who are the contestants that decided to sacrifice Bigg Boss trophy to get nominated. 

And who are the ones that decided to tear the letters? Tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 5 is going to be an emotional one and likely to break the bond between contestants. Stay tuned to Sakshi Post to find out.

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