Devi Nagavalli Won't Attend Bigg Boss 4 Finale, Here's Why

20 Dec, 2020 17:20 IST|Sakshi Post

The much-awaited grand finale of the fourth season of Bigg Boss Telugu begins tonight at 6PM on Sunday. The promo released by Star Maa showed a whole load of fun, dance, comedy and full-on entertainment by the guests, host Nagarjuna and the final contestants.

All the previous contestants were brought together for the show and it was nice to see all of them dancing together. However, TV news presenter Devi Nagavalli was not seen in the group. Monal, Lasya, Sujata, Gangavva, Noel, Kumar Sai, Avinash, Divi, Mehboob and Kalyani  who had left the house  were seen during the reunion.

But Surya Kiran, Amma Rajasekhar and Devi Nagavalli did not go. In the latest promo, except for Devi Nagavalli, the other two also appeared on stage. Now why Devi Nagavalli is not featured in the finale episode has set tongues wagging. One reason was that she was upset with early elimination from the show. Devi Nagavalli, who made her entry in the show as Lady Big Boss, was eliminated in the third week. The housemates, who though did not seem to have much contact with her at the time of her stay, were moved to tears when Devi left.

Many people felt that Big Boss House had lost a strong contestant. For days, however, Devi strictly obeyed the rules of the Big Boss. Many of them initially broke the rules and were slammed by Big Boss. Big Boss reprimanded everyone for their negligence as the members of the house. In this sequence, the contestants stood up and apologized with folded hands, but Devi Nagavalli surprised everyone and refused to apologise saying that she had done nothing wrong. There is more clarity in any of these matters. She showed a new side to her fans as a dancer and as a singer too. A woman with confidence she proved that she has clarity when it came to doing certain things in the house.

Nevertheless, Devi could not have imagined that she would soon be eliminated in the third week. The same dissatisfaction was revealed even when she came out and spoke in an interview. 'I trusted Big Boss. I got fewer votes, so I was eliminated. However, outside, many say I got more votes. I mean it was shocking to be let go of me than those who were far behind me and eliminating me, which is quite shocking. I may have been sent out as I would have altered the script,' she said.

Netizens are discussing whether she has refused to go to the grand finale, feeling that the Bigg Boss show had betrayed her.Or was it  that the BiggBoss organisers have not called her.

The show promo gave us a sneak peek into who are all going to be part of the grand finale including the eliminated contestants, actresses Mehreen and Pranitha Subhash, F2 director Anil Ravipudi who will enter the Bigg Boss  house and others.

Check out the promo here:

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