Why is BBK Host Kichcha Sudeep Silent on Bigg Boss Kannada Suspension?

11 May, 2021 21:01 IST|Sakshi Post

Kichcha Sudeep, the name is synonymous with star power and success in the Kannada Film industry. He's an actor not just with a heart of gold but also a person with the midas touch. Since his Sparsha days to Vikranth Rona, Sudeep has come a long way and it won't be wrong to say that he has worked hard to climb up the ladder. He has earned his fame and name literally by his work. 

Sudeep has donned several hats since becoming an actor. He is a producer, director and also a TV host. His style of hosting the most watched TV reality shows, Bigg Boss Kannada is something that has ensured maximum TRPs for Colors Kannada, a reason why they haven't changed the host since several seasons. 

By now, you know that Colors Kannada has decided to end the show. The final episodes are being aired today and tomorrow. Contestants as well as the BBK audience will be mighty dismayed by this news. However, it's happening.

Meanwhile, we know that Kichcha Sudeep has not been well and has been staying away from the Bigg Boss house for a while now. He was sick and said that he couldn't be on the show. However, after two weeks of rest, Kichcha Sudeep took to Twitter to share the news that he was looking forward to hosting the show again. But that never happened as Colors Kannada announced that he won't be hosting the episode anytime soon. 

Now, we all assumed that it could be because of the lockdown in Karnataka. However, the latest buzz in Gandhinagar is that Kichcha Sudeep's tenure with Colors Kannada has ended too. We mean the contract probably because everything went haywire and things did not happen as planned. So the as per sources, Sudeep's contract for Bigg Boss with Colors Kannada has ended. We would have liked to believe this as mere speculation except for the fact that Kichcha Sudeep has not tweeted anything about Bigg Boss Kannada or the channel's decision to suspend the show. His silence on the whole thing has set tongues wagging on what's really happening.

What's your take, dear viewers? Will Sudeep host the next season? Let us know in the comments section below.

Watch this space for all the updates. 

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