Who Is Rajanandini In Prema Entha Madhuram on Zee Telugu?

29 Jul, 2021 12:15 IST|Sakshi Post

Prema Entha Madhuram is one of the most popular daily soaps on Zee Telugu, which has impressed the small screen audience and managed to be among the Top 10 in TRP ratings. The TV serial is all about a successful businessman Arya, who falls in love with Anu, who is younger to him. However, his past comes back to haunt him. Will Arya and Anu's love fructify forms the rest of the story.

Recently, the families of Anu and Arya agreed to the wedding. However, in the upcoming episodes, the makers are likely to introduce the most intriguing character—Rajanandini. To date, the makers have only revealed her name without showing who she is. But, as per latest reports, it is now time for Rajanandini’s entry.

Sriram Venkat has confirmed that Kannada actress Manasa Manohar will be playing the role of Rajanandhini in the Telugu serial.  Manasa uploaded a teaser on her Instagram stories. Mansa played Meera Hegde in ‘Jothe Jotheyalli’, the Kannada version of Prema Entha Madhuram.

A post shared by Mansa manohar (@itsme_mansamanohar)

The teaser shows Anu getting dressed up and her bangle falls and rolls towards Rajanandini’s room. When Anu picks up the bangle, Rajanandini’s soul possesses Anu. She then begins to deck up for the big event.  She later calls Arya’s name, who is stunned on seeing Rajanandini. We have to watch next episodes to see how Rajanandhini's entry will change Arya's life.

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