Who is Kanmani, The New Voice in Kannada Bigg Boss House

2 May, 2021 17:21 IST|Sakshi Post

Looks like Colors Kannada has understood the pain of show lovers. No wonder then that they surprised the contestants as well as the Bigg Boss viewers by bringing in a special host. If you missed watching last night's episode of Kannada Bigg Boss, then we are here to tell you. 

Colors Kannada invited a lady host 'Kanmani' as the special host to grill the contestants as well as to retain viewers. Now, people are frantically searching on the internet to know who’s the real person behind the new voice of Bigg Boss Kannada. Reports are doing the rounds that it was RJ Shraddha, whose voice was heard as Kanmani in the Bigg Boss house last night. She came in to make up for Sudeep's absence.  

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Kanmani stole the show with her voice and the way she communicated with everyone. Netizens have heaped praises on Kanmani for making an otherwise dull episode without Sudeep a special one. She was only there for 15 minutes but has made everyone sit up and take notice. She becomes the talk of the town on social media.

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Meanwhile, coming to tonight’s episode of Kannada Bigg Boss, it is being speculated that there will be no elimination. If at all elimination happens, then it would be fake elimination and the eliminated contestant be either Prashanth, Priyanka, or Chakravarthy who will be sent to the secret room as the makers are planning for double elimination next weekend. Bigg boss viewers are keeping their fingers crossed to know if Sudeep will be back on the show at least next week. 

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