Which Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant Deserves Worst Performer Tag?

17 Sep, 2021 15:19 IST|Vyshnavi

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu contestant VJ Sunny has been the most silent contestant in the house. But he became very aggressive during the captaincy task that happened this week. After the captaincy task, Vishwa became the captain of the house and Priya became the ration manager for the week.

The show makers released a promo which show that the contestants carrying out the luxury budget task. Later, all the contestants were asked to select the best performer and worst performer for the week. Here’s the promo released by Star Maa:

It is clear that VJ Sunny has been nominated as the worst performer in the Bigg Boss House by most of the contestants. This is because he did not perform the captaincy task well. And a few contestants too voted him as the worst performer as he was not mingling with the people in the house.

However, netizens feel that Sunny is giving his best in the house and he will not be the worst performer. Some viewers think that Hamida should be given the worst performer of the week tag. But, after watching the promo, Priya and Kajal indulge in a debate over attitude issues and Kajal is seen walking away from the housemates. There are also chances that Kajal could earn the worst performer of the week tag.

Readers, you tell us who among the 18 Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestants deserves to get the worst performer tag? 

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