What If Ram Gopal Varma Enters Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5?

7 Aug, 2021 10:51 IST|Sakshi Post

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV needs no introduction. His name is synonymous with some pathbreaking movies and also some controversial ones. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that RGV is a name to reckon with in the world of cinema. He enjoys an incredible fan following on and off social media.

Those who closely follow him know for a fact that RGV never shies away from speaking his mind. Basically, he thinks aloud. He has a unique quality of appreciating the work of others and at the same time doesn't stop himself from making controversial comments on something.

You all know that Star MAA is gearing up for yet another brand new season of Bigg Boss Telugu. The show which has reached its fifth season is all set to begin in September. The showrunners are scouting for celebrities to be a part of the show as contestants. There are several names doing the rounds.

Generally, Bigg Boss makers rope in hugely famous or highly controversial contestants for the sake of TRPs. The show format is such that only those who enact dramas, create controversies, or get into fights survive till the end. The showrunners more often than not eliminate contestants who provide no content to make the show interesting and woo small screen viewers.

Now, back to Ram Gopal Varma. We were just wondering how it would be if Ram Gopal Varma entered the Bigg Boss Telugu house. It would be quite interesting, right? Yes! RGV has the power to get everyone under his control, he knows how to convince others and how to irritate others as well. In several interviews, we have seen anchors irritating Ram Gopal Varma with various questions, but he answers all the questions in a logical manner and would never lose his cool. That's Ramuism for you.

If the news of Ram Gopal Varma stepping into Bigg Boss house comes out, here is how netizens would react...

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Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial reality shows on the small screen. Not only fans of Bigg Boss Telugu, but also every small screen viewer is eagerly waiting for the show to begin and they are more curious to know about the contestants. According to reports, Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is expected to start on September 5. Ever since the news came out, several rumored lists of probable contestants are doing the rounds on social media. However, we would get to know about the contestants who would enter the BB house only on the day the show premieres.

Anyways, Ram Gopal Varma would never enter the Bigg Boss house, right! What say, guys? Do you want RGV to enter the Bigg Boss house? Do share your comments with us. 

Disclaimer: Dear RGV, we would be more than happy to get your comments on this.

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