Udaariyaan Serial Written Update December 16: Jasmine Meets Fathe

16 Dec, 2021 10:38 IST|L Manisha

In today's episode of Udaariyaan,  Fathe sees Tejo dancing with Angad on the stage. Fathe is shocked on seeing Tejo wearing the dress which he delivered and gets to know that it is Angad's house. Later, Jasmine also enters the party and is stunned on seeing Angad and Tejo dancing but she can't find Fathe with them. She looks for Fathe at the party and tries to create a mess. Let's wait and watch whether Jasmine will meet Fathe at the party.

In yesterday's episode, Tejo calls Rupi and talks to them, Tejo asks Rupi that did Jasmine call him. Rupi lies Tejo about Jasmin and Fathe. Tejo suspects that Rupi had lied to her about Jasmine and Fathe. Meanwhile, Angad calls RR Sharma's wife and asks for help with Tejo's outfit. Fathe takes the outfit and goes to Angad's house where he imagines Tejo in the outfit and dancing with her. Later Angad gifts Tejo a dress and tells her that she should wear it for RR Sharma's event. Angad tells Tejo that they should perform dance in the event. Jasmine calls Angad's office where she overhears about Angad and Tejo's whereabouts. Jasmine plans to go to the event and create mess.

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