Udaariyaan Serial Written Update December 13: Will Tejo Find Fathe?

13 Dec, 2021 10:29 IST|L Manisha

In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Angad tells Tejo that they should continue their fake engagement for a few more days for his partnership. Tejo accepts and tells Angad that it's better for them to continue fake engagement drama. Meanwhile, Angad, Tejo, and Riya have fun when Angad's dadi visit his house. 

Angad and his Dadi have an argument over Riya and Tejo's issue. The next morning Angad and Tejo go to Rampur to meet RR Sharma and Fathe also comes to the same place return RR Sharma's wallet. Tejo sees Fathe in the market, but he hides from her again.

In Saturday's episode, Tejo praises Angad that he is strong though he lost his family. Meanwhile, Jasmine gives a party to Sweety and tells that she will for sure take revenge on Tejo and Fathe. Fathe sees Tejo and Angad in the fuel station and feels elated by seeing Tejo happy with Angad. Tejo sees Fathe and gets down in search but Fathe hides from her. later Tejo thinks that she imagined Fathe because he is with Jasmine in Canada. On the other hand, Fathe finds a wallet in the fuel station where Fathe and Tejo are going to meet the same person coincidentally who is Angad's friend. 

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