Top Bigg Boss Contestants Join Hands to Host Show, No It's Not Deepthi-Shannu

24 Jan, 2022 13:04 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss former contestants Anchor Ravi and Sreemukhi used to host the show, Pataaa together.  Ravi and Sreemukhi earned a huge fan base among the small screen audience for their hosting skills.

Later, due to some differences, Ravi and Sreemukhi had a fallout. They did not host any other show after Pataas.

Now, the latest we hear is that the hit duo is returning to the small screen. Yes. What tou read is right. Sreemukhi and Anchor Ravi will together host a show called Bigg Boss Utsavam after two years.

And we hear that the contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 are going to be part of the show. It is expected to be aired on Star Maa by end of this week or the first week of February.

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