Telugu Serial Karthika Deepam Ending Soon, Here's Proof

5 Jul, 2021 11:35 IST|Sakshi Post

Malayalam actress Premi Vishwanath is a familiar face in Telugu households. She is popularly known as Vantalakka, thanks to her superhit Karthika Deepam serial which has set a record in television history. Karthika Deepam is the highest-rated Telugu TV serial and also gets record numbers in terms of TRPs. 

Kathika Deepam has so far completed 1082 episodes. Although it was getting boring in between, the latest twist about Mounitha's pregnancy and her possible marriage to Karthik has revived the interest of the viewers again. Now, the latest buzz we heard is that in the upcoming episodes, there is will be another twist and Mounitha will be killed and Karthik and Deepa will reunite. It appears that Karthika Deepam makers may end the serial soon. 

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The speculation is possibly because Premi Vishwanath is rumored to have signed up for Devika, a new Malayalam serial. Premi Vishwanath did her first serial in Malayalam and then she gained much popularity on social media platforms with Karthika Deepam. Now, Premi Vishwanath is all set to make a comeback to the Malayalam small screen with Devika. However, Premi Vishwanath has won millions of Telugu audience hearts, thanks to her long stint in Karthika Deepam.

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