Sunny Red Card Elimination On Cards, Read To Know More

23 Oct, 2021 12:40 IST|Sakshi Post

The TV reality show Bigg Boss is all about endless fights and controversies since the very first-day itself. We can see contestants fight during the tasks to make sure they survive longer in the house. 

There are some contestants who always make the headlines no matter what they do in the house. Now, among the current contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house, netizens have been talking endlessly about VJ Sunny. In fact, they are sharing funny memes on social media to troll him. In a recent episode, Sunny kissed Anee Master after the captaincy task because he was so happy about being made the captain for which anee helped him a lot.

Contestants were zapped and Bigg Boss viewers too haven't taken kindly to it although we are sure Sunny did it on an impulse. 

Now, a section of the veiwers want Nagarjuna to question Sunny about the same. The Bigg Boss Telugu 5 host is surely going to lash out at him. Speculation is rife on social media saying VJ Sunny might face red card elimination.

Sunny hasn't been nominated this week. Actually, he is safe. But going by the twists and turns that the Bigg Boss makers are throwing the audience way week after week during eliminations, anything can happen. Nagarjuna could show VJ Sunny the door. 

Or perhaps, Nagarjuna might leave him with a warning. Let's wait and see whether Nagarjuna will eliminate Sunny in tomorrow's episode. 

Readers, you tell us. Does VJ Sunny deserve a red card Elimination? 

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