Star Maa Strategy for Eliminating Hamida: Deets Inside 

10 Oct, 2021 13:01 IST|L Manisha

Now there is a rumor doing the rounds on social media that Hamida got eliminated this week. Even Bigg Boss Telugu viewers are predicting that Hamida will get a red card this week.

A few websites say that Star Maa did fair elimination this time by eliminating Hamida, who is running the love track with Sreerama. A section of the audience are puzzled about how Star Maa will eliminate Hamida when they are getting TRP ratings with her love content.

Anyway, it is not confirmed if Hamida is eliminated or not.

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The Star Maa strategy for eliminating Hamida might be wild card entry. Because eliminating the contestant who is giving content is a bold decision, show makers will plan something exciting behind this elimination.

There is a buzz that a top Jabardasth actor might enter the show via wild card. However, Hamida is not performing well and she is totally focusing on Sreerama. Let's wait and watch what the Bigg Boss Telugu makers are up to by eliminating Hamida.

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