Star Maa Hints at VJ Sunny as Winner Of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5?

13 Dec, 2021 15:04 IST|Vyshnavi

After yesterday's episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5, we all know that Siri, Sunny, Maanas, Shanmukh, and Sreerama Chandra have become the top 5 finalists of the season as RJ Kajal got eliminated on Sunday. Now, the top 5 finalists will be competing to win the title of the season. 

The voting for the audience started on Sunday night at 11 p.m. As per unofficial voting trends, the top 5 order begins with Sunny, Shanmukh, Sreerama Chandra, Maanas, and Siri. However, there were some other voting trends that put Shannu on top, followed by Sunny, SRC, Maanas, and Siri. 

Besides, after the show ended last night, the Star Maa makers made an announcement to the audience to start voting for their favourite contestants. We can see Sunny in the middle of the five contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu season 5. 

Bigg Boss audience feels that Star Maa is hinting that the show organisers wants to make Sunny the winner of the season.

Also, in the Disney+Hotstar app, where the audience can cast their vote for their favourite contestant, Sunny's name is in the first position. Bigg Boss viewers expect that the show makers have placed Sunny in the beginning to manipulate them to vote for the first contestant because of which Sunny receives the greatest number of votes, ultimately making him the winner. 

Let's wait and watch the finale episode to find out who will really win the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 title. 

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