Spoiler Alert: Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode: Anu Feels Excited

25 May, 2021 09:59 IST|Sakshi Post

Arya takes Anu to a place that resembles Mahal. Anu gets excited on seeing the place and thanks Arya for bringing her there. Arya says that he was happy to see Anu excited. He later asks her to look around the place.

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fter some time, while Anu searches for Arya he disappears and leaves hints to find him. He expresses his love with every clue and finally, he proposes to Anu in true filmy style. Anu gets excited about the marriage proposal made by Arya.

Arya's proposal will definitely be an extraordinary episode for Prema Entha Madhuram viewers. To know how Arya proposed to Anu, one must watch the episode.

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