Spoiler Alert: Prema Entha Madhuram Today's Episode May 24: Will Anu Accept Arya's Past

24 May, 2021 11:45 IST|Sakshi Post

Arya gives the room key to Anu and says that Rajanandini is not just a brand name but also his wife's name. Anu gets shocked after listening to Arya. Anu feels emotional and leaves his house. Arya stops her and tells her that it is his mistake to have hidden the fact about his wife from her.

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Anu tells Arya that he doesn't trust her which is why he did not tell her about Rajanandini. Arya then explains to Anu that Rajanandini is no more. He tells Anu that her decision to accept him will be final.

An emotional Anu leaves his house and Arya feels sad that Anu left him alone. But Anu returns to Arya and tells him that she loves him and all she wants is a great future with him. Arya feels happy and asks Anu to come with him to have a look at their future. What will Arya show his lady love is to be watched in the next episode. 

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