Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode July 26: Anu Behaves Like Rajanandini, Arya Puzzled

26 Jul, 2021 11:05 IST|Sakshi Post

After having the juice brought by Anu, Arya gets puzzled as to how she knows about his favourite drink. When he asks Anu, she replies that it just happened by instinct because she loves him a lot.

Later, Manasi calls Anu to select sarees and other outfits for the wedding. Anu asks Manasi to select whatever she likes, but Manasi gets confused while choosing the sarees.

Meanwhle, Sharada Devi comes home and is absent-minded thinking of Arya putting himself in danger after marrying Anu. Manasi comes to her mother-in-law and asks her to select a saree. When Sharada Devi refuses to do, Mansi forces her and makes her select a design and saree.

Sharada Devi watches Anu blushing and fears that she is going to ruin her happiness by asking her to leave Arya. She later calls Anu saying she wants to talk to her. Will Sharada Devi ask Anu to leave her son is to be watched in the next episode. 

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