Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode July 17: Arya Murdered Newlywed Rajanandini?

17 Jul, 2021 09:30 IST|Sakshi Post

Padma advises Subbu to find happiness in Anu’s choice and perform her wedding wholeheartedly. Subbu assures her that he will not hurt Anu. The next day, Ghuna (Jalandhar’s assistant) shows Jalandhar the news articles about Anu-Arya’s marriage, which infuriates him. Jalandhar decides to expose Arya’s dark past and how he had murdered his newlywed wife, Rajanandini. To ensure Anu learns about Arya’s true colours, Jalandhar makes Ghuna write a letter and send it to Anu.

While Anu is decorating the house, Ramya, Sampath make fun of her as Anu feels shy when they talk about Arya. Subbu feels delighted to see Anu happy. Anu creates a puzzle with flower petals for Arya to complete.

Meanwhile, Ghuna reaches Anu’s colony and makes a neighbour give the courier to Anu. Ramya and Sampath assume that it is a surprise from Arya.

Meanwhile, Mansi hurries the family members to leave for Anu’s house. Sharada Devi wishes to know what the astrologer thinks about Anu and Arya’s horoscopes. She says that she would stop the engagement if the horoscopes don’t match. Will Anu- Arya get engaged is to be watched in the next episode.

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