Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode August 17: Subbu Learns Rajanandini Is Arya's Wife

17 Aug, 2021 09:20 IST|Sakshi Post

Anu asks Arya to put Kumkum on her. But after Arya applies kumkum upon her face, Padma snaps Anu out of her daydream. Padma gets surprised to see kumkum on Anu’s forehead. When everyone wonders about the kumkum, a short flashback explains how that kumkum was put on her face by Arya.

At the temple, Subbu learns that someone is performing a ‘Shanti puja’ for Rajanandini. A series of events leads to Subbu learning that Rajanandini was Arya’s wife. He suspects that Anu knows the truth and hid it from him.

Subbu then decides to find out the truth along with evidence. Later, he thinks that Rajanandini’s issue will be a good excuse for him to stop anu and Arya’s wedding. Meanwhile, Padma and Sampath tell Subbu about the kumkum on Anu’s forehead and feel that God’s blessings are with their daughter.

Mansi gets upset as Sharada Devi and Arya did not attend Anu’s puja. She confronts Sharada Devi over her actions. When Mansi questions Sharada Devi about Anu’s feelings, Jhende tells her that Anu will definitely understand Arya.

Anu is disappointed with Arya as he did not take her call and also skipped the puja. Arya apologises to her and asks her to understand him. Will Anu understand Arya’s helpless situation is to be watched in the episode.

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