Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode August 12: Meera Hurts Subbu’s Self-Respect

12 Aug, 2021 09:06 IST|Sakshi Post

Anu phones Mansi to know what happened to Arya, but she tells her that Arya went out without informing them. She later calls Jhende to find out where Arya is. Jhende picks up the call after Anu continuously calls him and says that Arya is busy with something important and that he would visit Anu’s home after work.

Meanwhile, Arya gets ready to perform Rajanandini’s death anniversary Puja. When Jhende asks the priest to fasten the ritual, Sharada Devi stops him and tells him that Arya will not set out after the puja.

Meanwhile, Anu’s parents prepare the Bonam and wait for Arya’s family. As they fail to turn up, Padma forces Anu to take the Bonam and go to the temple. At that time, Meera reaches there and humiliates Subbu on their financial status. Subbu’s self-respect is hurt, but he tells Meera that they are not at all ashamed of their status in the society.

The priest suggests to Arya that one should not perform any kind of activities after performing the death anniversary ritual. Will Arya bow down to the priest's words and not attend the Bonam festival in Anu’s house is to be watched in the next episode.

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