Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode June 10: Padma Spots Anu’s Ring

10 Jun, 2021 09:32 IST|Sakshi Post

After Raghupati alerts Ramya and Sampath that Subbu is awake, they help Anu cook up a story to escape from the situation. Later, Padma returns from her maternal house. Along, Subbu and Padma start teasing each other.

As Subbu loses his job, Anu tells her mother that she is giving him Rs 20,000 with which he wanted to start a small business. Padma is happy on hearing the news and distributes sweets to Subbu and Anu. She then notices the ring on Anu’s finger and questions her about it. Anu lies to evade the question. Padma asks her to take it off as people would imagine that it's her engagement ring, but Anu refuses to remove it.

 Sharada Devi apologises to Meera for Arya’s behaviour. Meera understands her mistake and promises Sharada that she will never lose Arya’s trust.

Subbu goes out to start his new business. On his way, he observes two kids fighting for a balloon on which Arya and Anu’s name is written. He walks near them to stop the fight. Will Subbu know that his daughter's love for Arya is to be watched in the episode. 

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