Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram July 24 Today’s Episode: Sharada Devi To Separate Anu and Arya

24 Jul, 2021 09:33 IST|Sakshi Post

With Anu and Arya’s engagement going off without any obstacles, Sharada Devi visits temple to perform few rituals. She later decides to give Prasadam to Swamy. When she approaches the Swamiji, the prasadam bowl falls leaving Sharada Devi perplexed.

Swamiji comes out of his meditation state and tells Sharada Devi that she did a mistake. He tells her that Arya’s love will be the reason for his death. He explains that if Anu marries Arya, his death is inevitable. Sharada Devi is terrified by Swamy’s words and thinks of a solution.

Meanwhile, Arya brings Anu to his home and Mansi expresses joy as Anu will help her in the wedding arrangements. When Mansi asks for a drink, Rajanandini enters Anu’s body and she quickly prepares the juice.

After Anu prepares the drink, Mansi appreciates her and asks about Arya’s drink. Anu behaves as if she knows the house very well and grabs every item in the kitchen without any help. While Mansi is surprised about Anu’s memory power, Anu is puzzled by her own behaviour. Meanwhile, Sharada Devi decides to ask Anu to go away from Arya. Will Anu agree to leave Arya is to be watched in the episode. 

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