Spoiler Alert Karthika Deepam Today's Episode March 23: Deepa's Whereabouts

23 Mar, 2021 10:48 IST|Sakshi Post

Karthika Deepam spoiler alert of today's episode: In the last episode, Sourya warns Varanasi not to mislead Deepa. While Soundarya advises Karthik not to go back from taking the test. And Karthik shares his fear with Soundarya the reason for his hesitancy in undergoing the DNA test.

In today's episode, Deepa's health gets worse by day. And Karthik gets to know that Mounitha is on her way to trace Hima's address. Meanwhile, Muralikrishna feels joyful as he finds Deepa and gets emotional. On the other hand, Mounitha also finds Deepa but gets disappointed by Muralikrishna. Later, Deepa takes a promise from Muralikrishna not to tell Soundarya that he found her address.

Will Muralikrishna tell the truth to Soundarya about finding Deepa?  

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