Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode September 22: Rama Steals From Jnanamba Room?

22 Sep, 2021 09:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Vyjayanthi, after learning that Janaki saved her daughter, decides not to tell Jnanamba about her daughter-in-law’s education. She cooks up a story for Jnanamba. Meanwhile, Jnanamba who learned about Janaki’s bravery heads to the sweet shop.

On seeing Jnanamba at the sweet shop, Janaki decides to tell the truth about her education. However, Jnanamba tells her that she knows everything and appreciates her for saving Vyjayanthi’s daughter from the fraudster.

Later, Janaki informs Rama Chandra about the fees that they have to pay for IPS coaching. She tells that the fee is Rs 1 lakh and she asks Rama to put her certificates in the bank and take an education loan. But, Rama tells that her responsibility is handed over to him and he will pay the fees the next day.

So, Rama Chandra thinks of getting money and decides to sell the ornament that his mother gifted him. He apologises to her mother for doing such things while she was sleeping. However, Mallika keeps an eye on Rama Chandra as she observes him with the ornament. Will Mallika tell Jnanamba about Rama Chandra is to be watched in the next episode.

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