Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode November 23: Myravathi Orders Jaanu To Leave The House

23 Nov, 2021 09:35 IST|Vyshnavi

Janaki Kalaganaledu: After giving advice to Jnanamba, Myravathi warns her daughter-in-law that Rama Chandra cannot be happy with Janaki as she is proud of her education. Myravathi asks Jnanamba to send Jaanu out of the house before she comes to the city. Mallika gets excited listening to Myravathi's decision.

Later, all the family members take blessings from Myravathi and leave the house. After reaching home, Mallika gets disappointed as Jnanamba did not send Janaki out of the house. However, she realises that it is night, which is why Janaki was saved. 

Janaki gets emotional as she was not accepted by Myravathi even after facing so many difficulties. Jaanu then takes a firm decision to leave the house and feels sad as she will be going away from Rama Chandra.

The next morning, Mallika feels sad as Janaki did not move out of the house. She then goes near Jnanamba's room and provokes her mother-in-law to send Janaki out. When Govindaraju gets provoked and tries to scold Mallika, Jnanamba stops him and controls him. Will Jnanamba obey Myravathi and take a decision against Janakiis to be seen in the coming episodes. 

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