Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode November 19: Jnanamba Disrespects Myravathi

19 Nov, 2021 11:11 IST|Vyshnavi

Janaki Kalaganaledu: As Janaki arrives late for the puja, Myravathi gets hurt and stops the puja. After knowing about Janaki's injury, Jnanamba tries to convince Myravathi to attend puja. When Myravathi disagrees with her, Jnanamba tells her that puja will not stop. 

Myravathi gets shocked as her daughter-in-law disrespects her decision. She later asks Rama to tell Jnanamba to stop the puja. However, Rama also says that puja is for the better prosperity of their family. He further asks her grandmother to join them in the event. 

Myravathi goes into her room and feels sad. After the puja gets over, Rama Chandra and Janaki wanted to take blessings from Myravathi. When Myravathi refuses to give them blessings Jnanamba and Govindaraju try to convince her but she blames them for not respecting her decision.

Janaki apologises to Myravathi and tells her that she is wholly responsible for the mistake and asks to accept her sorry. Myravathi says that she will never forgive Jaanu for her mistake. 

The next morning, Jnanamba tries to talk to Myravathi, who is angry at her. Will Myravathi get convinced and talk with Jnanamba like earlier is to be seen in the next episodes. 

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