Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode June 7: Rama Brings Jalebi For Jaanu

7 Jun, 2021 15:26 IST|Sakshi Post

Shravani reveals how Sunanda Devi blackmailed her to bring Janaki to the garden. She advises Jaanu to ignore Kanna Babu's evil deeds. Jaanu wants to teach them a lesson but stops as Shravani asks her to think about Jnanamba.

While Rama is making Jalebi at the shop, Chikitha asks him to take some sweets home for Janaki. Rama comes home with the Jalebi and Jnanamba spots him at the house. She questions his presence in the house at an odd hour. Rama lies when Jnanamba asks about Jalebi.

Rama Chandra hands over the sweet to Jaanu. She asks Rama why he lied to Jnanamba. Then he explains to Jaanu that Jnanamba will think of him leaving the shop during the business hours irresponsible. Later, they eat Jalebi and Jaanu appreciates his cooking skills. 
The next morning, Jnanamba calls Rama, Janaki, Vishnu and Mallika and instructs the daughters-in-law to apply bath powder to their husbands for the Santhana Laxmi Puja to be held in their house. How will Jaanu get over this situation is to be watched in the episode.

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