Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode June 4: Jnanamba Loves Janaki's Tea

4 Jun, 2021 10:58 IST|Sakshi Post

Janaki gets excited as she learnt to make tea. She thanks Rama but Rama tells her it is his duty to help Janaki. Rama also tells about Jnanamba's sacrifice and his love towards his mother, Janaki feels happy to have an understanding husband.

The next day morning, Janaki brings tea for the family members. Mallika feels happy as Jnanamba would get angry at her after drinking tea. But to her shock, Jnanamba praises Jaanu for giving her an excellent tea.

Everyone is shocked after drinking tea. Meanwhile, Rama comes and Jnanamba asks him to drink tea. He says that he had it last night when Janaki prepared it as she had a headache.

Later, Janaki phones Shravani and asks how she is. Then Jaanu confronts her behaviour in the last episode and questions what happened. Will Shravani reveal about Sunanda Devi is to be watched in the episode. 

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