Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode July 19: Jaanu's IPS Dreams Shattered

19 Jul, 2021 10:23 IST|Sakshi Post

Jnanamba’s family goes to the temple to pray. Later, Jnanamba takes the family members to a  tree and asks them to write their wish on a paper, tie it in a cloth, and offer it to the goddess. And then she asks them to do 101 Pradakshinas (rounds around the temple).

Jnanamba tells Janaki that she performed the same ritual for a baby. She further adds that Rama was born as after she did this. So, Jnanamba insists that Janaki do the same. Meanwhile, Mallika asks what to write as her wish. Jnanamba asks her to mention her wish which is to separate  from her family.

Mallika gets annoyed from outside but feels excited inside as Jnanamba gave her the right idea. Later, Mallika and Janaki write their wishes and start doing Pradakshinas. When Janaki is just about to finish her ritual, her legs are injured.

Jaanu feels sad as her wish of completing IPS will never be fulfilled. Meanwhile, Rama comes and helps her completes the Pradakshinas. Jaanu feels joyful as Rama helped her. Will Jnanamba approves of Rama’s help is to be watched in the next episode. 

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