Siri To Marry Her Boyfriend Shrihan After Bigg Boss Exit?

26 Oct, 2021 15:37 IST|Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 contestant Siri Hanumanth has won the hearts of viewers after she sacrificed the letter from her loved one for the sake of Vishwa thereby ending up in nominations. In the eighth week on the Telugu Bigg Boss show, Siri, Shannu, Ravi, Sreerama Chandra, Maanas and Lobo are nominated for elimination from the glass house. 

Coming to Siri, Bigg Boss sent out letters to Siri and Vishwa from their loved ones, where only one person got access to read the letters, while the other contestants' letters were torn into pieces and a few got nominated. While having a discussion, Siri asks Vishwa to take the letter and said that she doesn't mind getting nominated. 

After listening to Siri's decision, her boyfriend Shrihan and her fans were disappointed but were later happy that she sacrificed the letter and proved she had a heart of gold. Shrihan, who is managing her social media account, has posted the letter as he wanted her fans to know how much love she is receiving from the audience. 

Here's the letter, have a look at it:

A post shared by Heysiri official (@sirihanmanth)

In the letter, Shrihan writes to Siri about he loves her and that she supported him when no one even cared about his presence. He has even made a wedding proposal saying they can get married after Siri comes out of the Bigg Boss house. After reading the later, Siri's fans can't wait to know the details of the are wedding.

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